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Bush admin humor from Brads 911 index

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bush funny
cheney codi rice


Bush Beer
Bush Beer drunk
drunk at wedding video download direct here

daddy bush peek bush pervert incest
bush pervert peek twin tit POTUS daughter - twins jenna twin daughter  jenna bush twin drunk noelle bush noelle bush mug shot drunk Noelle's Mug shots

Intell at its best...

bush hitler bush hitler stalin

More Humor....

Watch Condoleezza Rice turn into Alberto R. Gonzalez right before your eyes!

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Page2 Bushisms, animations and links

Bush Drunk Or Village Idiot?
wedding of Jamie Weiss
The Smoking Gun: Doofy Dubya: Only In America
Too Stupid To Be President site
Depresident | Anti Bush | Quotes, video clips, photos, blogs georgewbushdance.com animation
Camp Redemption- Rumsfeld animation
enron sprint Anderson funny photo

Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist, Funny Poems About Politics ...

Bush Twins Humor

Those Wild Bush Girls!

after the terror attacks

Topplebush.com Combining anti-Bush humor with intelligent articles
  1. How The Bush Stole The Election Part 1 (600k)
  2. How The Bush Stole The Election, Part 2 (1.3M)

  1. Flash Special: Top 11 Captions for the Nose Picking Video!
  2. Top 11 reasons Jeb Bush toured South Asia with Colin Powell.
  3. Top 11 Bill O'Reilly-based euphemisms for masturbation.
  4. Top 11 reasons not to flee to Canada.
  5. Top 11 reasons to be patient and count every vote.
  6. Top 11 reasons to leave work and vote for John Kerry.
  7. Top 11 reasons we are safer after Dubya allowed 380 tons of high explosives to be looted in Iraq.
  8. Top 11 reasons TooStupidToBePresident.com endorses George W. Bush for President.
  9. Top 11 reasons Iran endorsed Dubya for President.
  10. Top 11 reasons why Dubya said, "Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice thei r... their love with women all across this country.


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